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Winfield 2 Fashion

Impossibly cool. Makes carefree travel possible. The Winfield 2 Fashion Collection is a fashionable, state of the art hardside series designed to make travel effortless. The Winfield 2 Fashion hard shell is crafted with 100% polycarbonate material for maximum durability and versatility. Deceptively lightweight luggage equipped with a retractable handle and 4 multi-directional wheels, so you can whip around from airports to crowded city streets with ease. Like all hard shell luggage, the Winfield 2 Fashion is designed to give the traveler peace of mind. The shell is highly impact resistant to take whatever you, or anyone else, can dish out. For added security, the Winfield 2 Fashion spinners feature a mounted TSA combination lock. The interiors of Winfield 2 Fashion pieces are fully lined, and features divider compartments and cross straps to provide additional organization while preventing shifting contents.


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