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Cavalet was founded in a basement in Söborg in 1945 by Carlo Hjort and Willy Olsen, two young entrepreneurs. Consumed by post-war optimism and belief in the future, the two wanted
 more than to start a suitcase company: they wanted to change the way we look at travel.  Combining reliable function and simplistic design turned out to be a recipe for success. Cavalet flourished, over time becoming one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.  Today Cavalet is a Swedish company upholding the legacy of over 70 years of functional design. Timeless style and uncompromising quality are still at the core 
of everything we do. Once again, we're getting ready to pack our bags and head out on a new journey


Cavalet Ahus Collection available at Cavalet Ahus 2.0 Collection available at  Cavalet Pasadena available at   

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