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The Best Luggage For Your Next Cruise...

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When it comes to planning a cruise, one important aspect to consider is your luggage. Choosing the right luggage can make your cruise experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Here are some tips on choosing the best luggage for going on a cruise.

  1. Choose luggage with wheels! Luggage with wheels can easily navigate through the ship’s corridors and ramps. Four-wheeled luggage or "spinners" are ideal as they are easy to maneuver in tight spaces and can be pushed or pulled effortlessly. Shop Carry On Spinners

  2. Size and weight restrictions - Make sure to check the size and weight restrictions of your cruise line. Many cruise lines have size restrictions for carry-on luggage and weight restrictions for checked luggage. Always double-check the luggage requirements to avoid having to pay over-fees.

  3. Hardshell vs. Softside luggage - Both hardshell and softside luggage have their advantages and disadvantages. Hardshell luggage is more durable, available is many styles/colors/patterns and provides better protection for fragile items. Softside luggage is lightweight, offers exterior pockets for last minute or easy access items and have more complementary pieces in most collections.

  4. Expandable luggage - Consider purchasing expandable luggage to accommodate any souvenirs or purchases you make while on your cruise. An expandable luggage option will provide flexibility and give you that extra space when you need it for your return journey.

  5. Security features - Choose luggage with a lock or other security features to keep your belongings safe. A lock can prevent unauthorized access to your luggage during transit or even when stored in your cabin.

  6. Garment Bag Luggage - On many cruise adventures there are formal dinners that require the matching attire.  A large wheeled garment bag to specifically hold your best suit, tuxedo or evening gowns.

  7. Carry-on luggage - Always pack a small carry-on bag with essential items such as medications, travel documents, and a change of clothes. This will come in handy in case your checked luggage is delayed or lost.

In conclusion, the best luggage for going on a cruise is lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver. Ensure that your luggage meets the size and weight restrictions of your cruise line and invest in security features to protect your belongings. Garment Bags are the best method of your formal attire allowing you to be stress-free & wrinkle-free. With the right luggage, you can relax and enjoy your cruise without any worries.

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