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Ratio introduces stridealign™ technology with the new style, the glider™ case ratio merges executive sophistication with the innovation of stridealign™ technology. Every aspect of the travel experience is improved with the dynamics of stridealign™ technology. Stridealign™ technology’s unique, gravity-hugging profile and wide wheel base assist a glider™ case in remaining stable on all surfaces and terrains. The wider, twelve position, stridealign™ technology contoured handle, tailors to the traveler’s physiology and allows multiple points of comfort and interaction. The ergonomic proportions of stridealign™ technology make carrying a glider™ case easier. The effortless wheel motion is achieved by the use of twelve individual, hardened steel cartridge bearings in the wheel system. Tailored interiors with outstanding organization ensure elegant packing of a glider™ case. Ratio glider™ cases, with stridealign™ technology, bring elegance to movement.



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