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inUSA Luggage is now available at  

For many years, and to no avail, Americans have called for an affordable and more durable luggage that could withstand the routine wear and tear that comes with traveling. Having the expertise of the luggage industry for over 30 years and closely monitoring the trends of the present and near future inUSA decided to create the InUSA brand of luggage.

inUSA produces affordable, functional, and durable luggage with all the latest technology that travelers worldwide have long clamored for.

InUSA is a premium luggage Brand designed specifically to satisfy every aspect of the travelling experience by creating products that are light and practical while maintaining unique designs and beautiful contemporary collections.

InUSA has a complete line of Hardside and Softside luggage and also has products that are assembled in the USA with pride and care from foreign parts that have been tested and inspected prior to assembly.

This division was created with the purpose of bringing back manufacturing jobs to the USA by strongly believing that America can become competitive again and to be able to offer products for all the consumers looking for “Made in USA” products. Assembling products locally will translate into an improved quality control as well as customer service, offering a greater price/quality ratio.

inUSA is proud to be able to offer a combination of price/ quality which exceeds our customer’s expectations and backing all of our products with a “10-year warranty”

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