Heading To Africa For A Safari Tour?

Going to Africa for a safari tour?  Know what luggage you’re allowed to bring…

When traveling to Africa for wild safari tours, the baggage restrictions for air travel are very different than standard domestic & international flights.  Most African safari tours are in very remote locations and are only reachable by small, lightweight aircraft like a Cessna or similar airplane.  On these type of aircraft, there is not much room for luggage so all baggage must be soft-sided that is “squish-able” so it can be crammed into small spaces or carrying on your lap. 

Not only does your luggage have to be soft and “squish-able”…  Your total weight allowance for your bag is only a fraction of what standard airlines allow.

Depending upon your exact destination and exact aircraft, weight restrictions vary from a maximum weight allowance of 23 pounds to 44 pounds.

Another restriction that you will find that is very different than standard traveling; your maximum baggage size also varies from your exact destination and exact aircraft.  Most flights vary between a maximum size of 22” x 13” x 10” to 24” x 12” x 10”.

These tight baggage restrictions are an absolute necessity due to the circumstances associated with small aircraft traveling and remember, your baggage is most likely going to be traveling on your lap.

During these types of tours, the chances of your bag getting dusty and dirty are very high.  Be sure to select a bag that is both lightweight and durable.   Many bags are coated with a water repellent coating which not only helps protect you from the rain, it also protects your bag from dirt and grime.

Another thing to consider is your clothing.  You will only need casual clothing.  Most places will have laundry services, so you should have an option to wash your clothes, but due to African cultural standards, you’ll have to wash your under clothes yourself.

Of course you’ll be traveling with a camera.  Be sure to only take the absolute necessities when it comes to photo equipment.  This is just about the only items you will be bringing that are not “squish-able”.  Be sure to pack your camera in the middle of your bag surrounded by your clothing.  If you’re an amateur/professional photographer and this simply will not due for you, you may have the option to purchase a second seat on the aircraft for your camera equipment baggage.

We always recommend you check with your travel agent or tour company to confirm exact baggage restrictions for your exact trip.

Be sure to choose your baggage wisely, make sure all your batteries are charged, you have extra film and memory cards, and take as many photos as you can… it’ll be an adventure of a lifetime!

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