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Luggage Repair


Lexington Luggage proudly features a Complete & Expert Luggage Repair Department located on our Premises. Immediate luggage repairs on Luggage, Duffle Bags, Golf Bags, Briefcases,attaches, and handbags.

A customer is more important to us whatever he comes at lexington luggage NYC to view or buy luggage of their choice or may be for the luggage repair NYC.


We believe in making lifelong terms with the customers. We try to understand the customer’s requirement and keep our luggage stock accordingly so as to facilitate fast delivery as our primary goal is customer’s satisfaction.


We repair all types of luggage brands featuring A Saks, Bosca Leather, Delsey, Eagle Creek, Jack Georges, Joseph Daniels, Landor & Hawa, Manhattan Portage, Osgoode Marley, Samsonite, TravelPro and many more brands of luggage NYC.


At Lexington luggage repair NYC department, we carry all luggage repair accessories including each part for almost every brand of all luggage models.


We provide quick home delivery for luggage repair. We also facilitate immediate luggage repair and get it repaired within no time if the customer arrives personally. Feel free to contact for luggage repair of all types of luggage including duffle bags, golf bags, briefcases, attaches, backpacks handbags, ladies pocketbooks and many more. Get your luggage repair within no time as we have number of repairmen specialist for each individual luggage brand at our luggage store.

Feel free to call us on 1-800-822-0404; Lexington luggage repair NYC is always available for you in lexington luggage repair department NYC, New York City.
You may bring the repair to us, or you can send it by UPS, FedExp or USPS to us at:


Lexington Luggage Repair Department NYC
793, Lexington Avenue
NYC, New York 10065

Please include a letter of the problem with the bag and also your name address, and telephone number and we will call you to discuss it when we receive the merchandise before we do anything.


Airline Claims


We honor most airline claims from major airlines and we will bill the airlines directly.


Call us: 800-822-0404